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RoofCrafters Inc. is always looking for experienced craftsmen in roofing, siding and remodeling.

There will be excellent opportunities in both roofing and remodeling in coming years, from roofing apprentices to master carpenters. Many job openings will become available as a result of retirement or career shifts by experienced workers. And, like all construction fields, there are opportunities for subcontracted work for an experienced crew.

At RoofCrafters, we value the skill and experience of men who work with their hands, and take pride in a job well done. As they learn the skills, many roofers transfer to other occupations within the construction industry. This makes for many openings for new roofers. And if you have varied experience in the construction trades, we want to talk with you…we do a wide range of both residential and commercial projects.

The construction industry is notorious for being vulnerable to fluctuations in the economy. However, roofing and remodeling work is more stable because we do more repair, maintenance, and replacement work than other construction occupations. Also, new jobs will be created by the increasing amount of construction generally. The booming Austin housing market has created a lot of demand for remodeling and new roofs, as people get their homes ready to sell.

Most construction work is done during spring and summer when the weather is conducive to working outdoors, so opportunities will be best at those times. If you’re honest, dependable, hardworking and drug-free, let’s talk about your opportunities at RoofCrafters Inc.

Use the email form on the Contact Us page, and tell us a little about your experience and talents in the comments section. Thanks!

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